Hair Services

Due to Covid-19 we have temporarily stopped our complimentary mini facial with all hair services.

All services we have temporarily discontinued are indicated in gray


Women ... $41 - 71

Men ... $36 - 50
Child (under 12) ...
Shampoo Blowout ... $28-44
Blowout w/ Thermal Finish ... $39-69
Formal Style ... $65
Formal Style Junior (under 12) ... $


Brow Waxing ... $19

Brow Tinting ... $19

Brow Design (wax + tint) ... $34

Lash Tinting ... $24


+ $10 for New Guest services

Semi-Permanent ... $66 - 96

Permanent Color ... $66 - 96

Balayage Highlight (full) ... $116 - 146

Balayage Highlight (partial) ... $95 - 125

Foil Highlight (full) ... $108 - 138
Foil Highlight (partial) ... $
89 - 113

Manhattan Highlight ... $108 - 138


Olaplex ... $24

Botanical Repair ... $20

Color Protect ... $20

Protein or Moisturizing ... $20

Scalp Detoxifying ... $20

Summer/Swimmer ... $20


Hands & Feet

As a complementary enhancement, tailor your Aveda spa manicure and pedicure by choosing one of the

following Aveda aromas: Shampure, Rosemary Mint, or Cherry Almond.


Aveda Spa Manicure ... $24 - 28

Our signature manicure incorporates an aromatic Aveda hand soak, moisturizing hand & arm massage, cuticle care, nail buffing

& shaping, and OPI polish finish.


Hot Oil Manicure ... $26 - 30

Our signature manicure with a warm oil hand soak for

extra moisturization.


Stress Fix Manicure ... $29 - 33

Our signature Spa Manicure using Aveda's clinically proven

stress-fix aroma infused with organic lavender, lavandin,

and clary sage.


Deluxe Spa Manicure ... $34 - 38

All the luxuries of our signature spa manicure with an

additional hand treatment and healing paraffin dip. 


OPI Gel Color Manicure ... $38 - 42

All of the luxuries of our signature manicure with an

extended-wear, high shine polish in all of the iconic OPI Shades.


Color Room Manicure ... $24 - 28

Get a manicure during your hair color service to save time.


Junior Spa Manicure (under 12) ... $16 - 20

Basic manicure includes cuticle trim, buffing & shaping,

and OPI polish finish. 


Aveda Spa Pedicure ... $55 - 65

Our signature whirlpool pedicure incorporates an aromatic Aveda

foot soak, moisturizing foot & leg massage, cuticle care, buffing,

shaping, and OPI polish finish.


Stress Fix Pedicure ... $60 - 70

Our signature Spa Pedicure using Aveda's clinically proven stress-fix aroma infused with organic lavender, lavandin, and clary sage.

Deluxe Spa Pedicure ... $70 - 80

Upgrade your Aveda Spa experience! A Deluxe Pedicure includes a cooling masque to rejuvenate your skin, an exfoliating sugar scrub and a moisturizing paraffin dip. Give your feet the luxury they deserve!


Hot Stone Deluxe Pedicure ... $85 - 95

We've added hot stone massage techniques into this deluxe pedicure service that includes Aveda oils & a warm paraffin.

OPI Gel Color Pedicure ... $72 - 82

All of the luxuries of our signature pedicure with an

extended-wear, high shine polish in all of the iconic OPI Shades.

Junior Spa Pedicure (under 12) ... $30 - 40

Basic whirlpool pedicure includes foot soak, buffing, shaping, and OPI polish finish.



Skin Services

SKIN TREATMENTS                                             

Customized Aveda Facial (1.5 hours) ... $103

This ultimate experience adds an additional treatment to our already

thorough facial services. You will also enjoy a soothing foot soak and

extensive massage on the arms, hands and feet.



Essential Aveda Facial (1 hour) ... $78

A deeply relaxing facial customized for your skin type. It includes a

deep cleansing, exfoliation toning, treatment masque and hydration.

A neck and shoulder massage complete the service.



Aveda Teen Facial ... $68

This facial is targeted to address the skin needs of teenagers,

includes complete cleansing, exfoliation, toning and hydration.




Classic European massage technique utilizes long, comforting

strokes to provide the ultimate in relaxation, improve circulation

and ease muscle tension.


Upper Body 30 minute  ... $73

Full Body 60 minute ... $101

Full Body 90 minute ... $126



Reflexology 50 minute ... $86

This ancient cure focuses on achieving balance through pressure point manipulation in the hands and feet.

Oncology 50 minute ... $86

Soft touch for cancer patients. Increases relaxation, decreases edema, provides short term pain relief. Increased elasticity in areas affected by

scars and adhesions. 

Hot Stone Therapy Massage 90 min ... $131

Warm basalt stones gently de-stress and melt away tension

 and tightness from sore aching muscles.


Stress Fix Massage 60 minute ... $109

Using Aveda's clinically proven stress fix aroma infused with

organic lavender, lavandin, and clary sage combined with massage techniques customized to your stress areas.

Pregnancy Massage 60 minute ... $106

Relieve stress on weight-bearing joints, reduces neck and back pain and

aids in the elimination of fluid retention.

Deep Tissue Massage 60 minute ... $106

Focuses on the deeper layers of muscle tissue to release tension

 using deep pressure on targeted areas of the body.


Balancing Aromatherapy ... $10

Dissolve tension headaches and raise energy.


Hot Stone Therapy ... $10

Loosen tight muscles with hot stone therapy.

Reflexology ... $10

Relieve sinus pressure or rejuvenate tired feet.


Joint Therapy ... $10

Increase range of motion and joint stiffness.


Headache Therapy ... $10

Experience headache relief with an extensive scalp and neck massage. 


Runners Therapy ... $10

Designed to address common aches and pains suffered by runners.


Hand & Arm Therapy ... $10

Ideal for overuse of computers and technical devices


Bridal Services

All services we have temporarily discontinued are indicated in gray


The Valenti Salon & Spa team is eager to make you and your

bridal party look and feel beautiful on your wedding day.

We know weddings take a lot of planning and would like to share

with you what we have to offer. 

Here Comes the Bride ... $160+

Includes consultation, run-though day and wedding day services.


Bridal Attendant ... $65

Includes formal hairstyling on wedding day.

Junior Attendant (under 12) ... $48

Includes formal hairstyling on wedding day


Special Occasion Makeup Application ... $35 

Add to any special occasion service.


*Tax & 20% gratuity is automatically added to each bridal package

bridal party